Reduce risk and cost.

Habeo Health is a patient-centered medical plan that adheres to a collaborative care model designed to mitigate risk and reduce healthcare costs for both self-funded employers and their member employees.

Self-funded employers gain an added layer of risk protection through built-in stoploss coverage and level-funded, flat monthly payments regardless of substantial claim increases.  If overall claims are less than expected, employers will share in the annual savings by receiving a rebate. Other cost-saving benefits of the plan include population health management resources to identify and address medium and high risk groups to help them become well.

To ensure that members stay well, they are encouraged to become an integral part of their health plan by building a rapport with their physicians and care teams, and participating in wellness activities that encourage healthy lifestyle changes.  Habeo’s technology makes tracking this progress easier by integrating member health and medication information, along with wellness participation in a secure platform for reporting and gaging health plan performance.

  • Fully-insured or self-funded
  • Administratively burdened by managing disparate data sources
  • Intolerant of double-digit increases
  • Tired of receiving no carrier data
  • Seeing unjustified cost increases
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  • Exemptions from costly ACA mandates and State taxes
  • No annual limitation on deductibles, guaranteed issue of coverage, or community ratings with tighter age bands
  • Customizable plan designs
  • Higher probability to reduce cost of medical benefit expenses
  • Pay a flat monthly premium, regardless of fluctuating claims

Employer Quick Start Guide

Download this 2-page guide that touches on Habeo’s key components.


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