Be motivated. Own your health.

Habeo Health is a patient-centered medical plan that places you at the center of your care.

While this claim may sound familiar, it couldn’t be truer, especially when compared to traditional health plans. With traditional plans you visit the doctor when you’re sick, your providers operate independently, you may not know your health status nor understand your screening results, and you have little encouragement to achieve optimal wellness. With Habeo, you’re in charge of your health and are surrounded with support to keep you well. This means that your doctors get to know you personally, your doctors collaborate with a care team concerning your health, your health records are shared among your care team to ensure continuity of medical services, and you are encouraged to participate in wellness activities. This is the Habeo difference.

Habeo Health bundles evidence-based care, preventive medicine, chronic disease management, clinical health coaching and wellness activities under one umbrella to provide you with better health and better care at a lower cost.

Habeo benefits include:

  • Access to locally-based primary care offices. To make healthcare more accessible, most locations offer extended hours, including weekends.
  • Proactive health monitoring and chronic disease management to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.
  • Clinical Health coaches who support you in your healthcare goals, such as losing weight and lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • Care coordinators who can help you navigate the healthcare system, such as assistance with referrals, making follow-up appointments and locating care resources.
  • Incentive rewards for hitting wellness milestones, such as completing your health risk assessment, health screenings, and health coaching sessions.
  • Wellness activities, such as nutrition and fitness challenges and seminars, to motivate you towards healthier lifestyle behaviors.
  • Member portal that provides secure and easy access to your wellness and healthcare information, allows you to communicate electronically with your caregivers, and integrates with popular fitness devices.

What is my role?

Communication is key! It is important for you to have an open dialogue with your healthcare providers and to actively participate in your healthcare plan. This can be accomplished by sharing information about your health, medications and illnesses with your caregivers, including services like vaccinations that you may have received elsewhere. Your care team will want to discuss any personal health challenges and successes with you to determine what works well for you and what might need to change to help you accomplish your goals. Members are also asked to learn about disease prevention, manage their health through their member portal and keep scheduled appointments.

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What is Habeo’s vision?

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What is patient-centered care?

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